The title +8+7+3+1-1-5 simply spells out time differences between six cities where this series of exhibitions will take place. Whether they live in Moscow, Paris or Bangkok, artists often find themselves travelling from one place to another. These movements have little to do with tourism. They are not a matter of choice, but the necessary consequence of expanding worldwide communication and exhibition opportunities which in turn affect many contemporary artists’ thinking, as well as the content and reception of their work. This presentation aims to shine a fresh light on a wide range of approaches responding to tensions arising in contemporary life around the world.

This show +8+7+3+1-1-5 includes a 60-minute video-programme, an extensive selection of short pieces, made by artists who rely on the image in movement, to focus on fundamental issues relating to social behavior in a sometimes humourous, sometimes tragic mode. Often produced with a minimum of equipment, the narrative, experimental and performance works chosen for this presentation are not video-clips. Understandable in any language, they document short-moments of life to be shared or present animated visual statements. Be they real or fictive, distances in time and space are reflected in a complex array of cutural differences and idiosyncrasies. Accordingly, the ten selected artists have also been asked to come up a maximum of ten snapshots related to the cities where their project is to be shown. These virtual journeys provide subjective documentary views: at each venue every artist’s contribution expands by another couple of images and draws a different response. The pictures may relate to whatever the artists will have read or heard about those cities from litterature, music, the media or any resources they consider relevant to their work and to the different audiences. In each city, the video-programme will be identical but new stills will be presented. Thus combined together, their significance and their mode of production will be enhanced by the different urban contexts and bring unexpected insights. +8+7+3+1-1-5 already took place in Moscow at the Maly Manege (catalogue) in early July on the occasion of the Moscow Forum of Art Initiatives and in Paris from 20th November to 5th December, at the arist-run space, Glassbox. The project is supported by AFAA, Association Française d’Action Artistique, Soros Center for Contemporary Art, Mondriaan Stichting and the Ministerio de Cultura of Spain. It will next be shown at Project 304, Bangkok, in December 1999, during the film festival.

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