Breaking the Code of Silence/Puxar pela Língua
Air351, Cascais, Portugal
Nuno Nunes-Ferreira
Nuno Nunes-Ferreira "Angola Nossa", 2018
Tomás Colaço
"Idyllic Landscape #36", 2018
Tomás Colaco
"Idyllic Landscape #36", 2018
Sofia Aguiar
"M'Banza Congo, 1969", 2018 Family Album and Zeiss Camera in a self-standing vitrine
Ângela Ferreira
"Messy Colonialism, Wild Decolonisation", 2015
Marcio Carvalho
"If My Grandmothers Were Historians", 2016 Video, sound
Edgar De Oliveira
Edgar De Oliveira "O País Pandza", 2018
Edgar De Oliveira
Manuel Botelho
Álbum, 2018
Nuno Nunes-Ferreira
"Matar a sede, (thirst quencher)", 2015
Juliao Sarmento
Ana Vidigal and Nuno Nunes-Ferreira
“Almoço dos Tigres”, 2018 Digital Print Part of the project “Os 50 anos da Guerra Colonial”
Vasco Araújo
"É nos sonhos que tudo começa", 2014 Texts: from "Yaka" ́by Pepetela and "Cadernos de memórias coloniais" by Isabela Figueiredo/ Texts read by Isabela Figueiredo read by Vasco Araújo
Table of the testimonies
Testimony of Luis Campos Cunha
Antonio Bolota
"Ganda, Benguela, Angola,1962-1963", 2018
Sofia Aguiar and Edgar De Oliveira
Luisa Especial and Manuel Costa Cabral
Julião Sarmento, Manuel Costa Cabral and Cécile Bourne-Farrell
Ana Vidigal and Ângela Fereira

Breaking the Code of Silence/Puxar Pela Lingua

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