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TEXTES | Cécile Bourne-Farell
— 2020.02.18
Yapci Ramos 2

Yapci Ramos, Nothing is true, everything is living

El Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno presenta la exposición Know Us de la artista Yapci Ramos, un proyecto expositivo integrado por una selección de obras multimedia de fotografía, vídeo y arte sonoro en las que muestra uno de los aspectos de su universo creativo, relacionado con su permanente cuestionamiento sobre la construcción de su identidad. Tras 20 años de trayectoria profesional, la […]

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— 2019.08.05
Douglas Gordon

Douglas Gordon, “From God To Nothing”, 1997

Sorry, this entry is only available in French.

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— 2018.02.15

Near and Far: Desynchronised Perspectives of Our Contemporary History

In this text “Near and Far: Desynchronised Perspectives of Our Contemporary History”, commissioned by the frac Caen, I have chosen to speak about the following artists works in the Frac Basse-Normandie collection: Martha Rosler, Dennis Adams, Melvin Charney, Leo Fabrizio, George Dupin, Sophie Ristelhueber, Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil, Bruno Serralongue, Philippe Durand, Jean-Luc Verna. “Catalogue de la […]

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— 2018.02.12

Public Art in Africa doula’art, Art public en Afrique doual’art

“The intervention of the doual’art association in public space is in response to a vow, unwritten but sealed in stone, between Didier Schaub and Marilyn Douala Manga Bell: never to renounce the utopias that appeared in the wake of the post’68 movements. Chiefly, the humanist idea of political generosity participates in the emancipation of people […]

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— 2015.08.30

The sea in the Midst of the Lands // Mare Medi Terraneum

The Mediterranean, etymologically speaking the “mare midi terra”, or “the sea in the midst of the lands”1“La Mer au Milieu des Terres”, original title in French., is presented as an apparently closed basin, which actually opens up to the west via the strait of Gibraltar. A space that has always been at a cross- roads […]

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— 2015.07.30


This interview was first published in French in Multitudes n°59, titled “Décoloniser la laïcité”. This number has been enirely beeing conceived and edited by Jananne Al-Ani under the supervision of Gaétane Lamarche-Vadel. 1/ Disappearance of the body CBF– You seem to be very much interested in the notion of the disappearance of the body, and […]

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