— 2015.07.30


This interview was first published in French in Multitudes n°59, titled “Décoloniser la laïcité”. This number has been enirely beeing conceived and edited by Jananne Al-Ani under the supervision of Gaétane Lamarche-Vadel. 1/ Disappearance of the body CBF– You seem to be very much interested in the notion of the disappearance of the body, and […]

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— 2015.06.07

Did Someone Say European Cultural Responsability?

The text to be published at the occasion of the exhibition “Prophetia”, Fundacion Miro., Barcelona, Opening, March 12th. – June 7th. 2015 I remember my visit to the Seville World Fair in ’92. Ever since, I have felt a pressing need to distance myself when I hear references to the notion of so-called “cultural” events, […]

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— 2014.10.10

Ninar Esber / James Webb, US

Ninar Esber / James Webb January 15th. Mach 14th. 2015 “Us” This exhibition by Ninar Esber and James Webb introduces different forms of disobedience that tend to thwart the systems of societal domination. The defiance these two artists address towards the underlying censorship within the moral and technological codes of our era of emergence proposes […]

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— 2014.05.30

Sous nos Yeux, d’autres Cartographies du Rif

Sorry, this entry is only available in French.

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— 2014.02.15


Cécile Bourne-Farrell, Curator Summary The GR2013 project proposes itself as neither a nostalgic viewing nor a touristic excursion, but rather a means in which narrative frameworks, territorial strata, and scientific knowledge can be shared. It aims to evoke a universal and industrial heritage, reminding us of the legacy behind our uncertain future, while placing an […]

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