SUD2017, ‘The Human Dimension’


Public art festival/Salon Urbain de Douala, the SUD

The triennal festival Le Salon Urbain de Douala, SUD, is a public art festival offered to the town of Douala by doual’art charity. The SUD inscribes itself within a reflection on the space given to art as an agent to reveal histories, but also a force of creative propositions in the town.

The theme of the 4th. edition of the SUD is  ‘The Human Dimension’ and took place from the 5th. to the 10th. of December 2017, half of the 22 pieces produced for the SUD remain.

The festive inaugurations of the public art-works have been punctuated by performances,  theatre and concerts. 3 mornings were dedicated to intellectual encounters coordinated by Severine Kodjo-Grandvaux.

16 international invited artists intervened in the city of Douala : Mustapha Akrim (Marocco), Ivan Argote (France/Colombia), Sylvie Blocher (France), Justin Ebanda Ebanda(Cameroon), Justine Gaga (Cameroon), Erik Goëngrich (Germany), Lucas Grandin (France), Chourouk Hriech (France/Marocco), Jean-Jacques Kanté (Cameroon), Michèle Magema (France/DRC), Jean-David Nkot (Cameroon), The Trinity Session (South Africa), Kamiel Verschuren (Holland), Hervé Yamguen (Cameroon), Emile Youmbi (Cameroon) et Hervé Youmbi (Cameroon).

In a context of strong deshumanisation and disempowerment of youth and adults, doual’art hopes by this 4th. edition to mark the city with artworks which interpret the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to start a dialog that helps to share ideas for a better way of living together.

An off programmation has also been a great opportunity to extend and share everyone’s interest in getting to know Douala’s vibrant art scene.

Cécile Bourne-Farrell, invited curator for the SUD2017

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