Choreography of the Image

May 4, 2015
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Super proud of Charlotte Moth and of our non-profit, who has supported her project…

BP Spotlight : Charlotte Moth : Choreography of the Image TateBritain : Display Open daily from 4 May, 2015- May 2016 Free

Artist Charlotte Moth (born 1978) has used a photograph taken in 1937 by Barbara Hepworth of sculpture, One Form (Single Form), as a point of departure for this Archive display which looks at the way images of artworks are choreographed in a range of contextual environments.

Moth’s installation, Inserts 2015, consists of ten vitrine structures. They display photographs and ephemera dating from the 1930s to 1960s, drawn from theTate Archive as ‘thought constellations.’ Each relates to a different element of the staging and positioning of works of art by Hepworth. Images of artworks by Ben Nicholson, Simon Nicholson, Naum Gabo, Alexander Calder and others also feature. Shown alongside is a new film by Moth, which explores the expanded field of vision that the archive images appear to connote.

‘Choreography of the image’ is an installation in the Archive Room of TateBritain, May 2015 – May 2016. During research in the archive of T.B I discovered a series of documentary images of the sculptures of BarbaraHepworth. These images reveal sculptures levitating on a sky of clouds, or ofshadows of plants creeping theatrically into the edge of the frame. Hepworth’suse and experimentation with photography explores the expanded field of visionof a sculptural practice, challenging previous readings of Hepworth’s work. Theinstallation that I will present uses these photographs as a departure point. Thephotographic documentation of Hepworth’s work will be displayed through themaking of 10 sculptural structures that presents the material in ’thoughtconstellations’, to be installed within the permanent wall mounted displaycases of the archive room.

These structures simultaneously function as story board’s for the making of a 16mm film that has emerged in response to such findings and has lead me to film in locations such as Palais de dance in St Ives, the landscape of theCornish coast line and my own domestic setting. The film therefore is composed as a series of thinking sketches, discoveries and experiments surrounding notions of staging, choreography, and the camera as an extension of the eye, that is intrinsically connected to an experience of the sculptural object.

This display has been curated by Inga Fraser. Tate Britain, Display

With thanks to Mr Nelson Woo ; the Pavillon Neuflize OBC, Palais de Tokyo ; Goldsmiths University of London and our non profit association

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Très fiers de Charlotte Moth et de notre association qui aidé l’artiste dans son projet…

BP Spotlight: « Charlotte Moth: Choreography of the Image » Tate Britain

L’artiste Charlotte Moth (née 1978) a utilisé une image d’une sculpture prise en 1937 parBarbara Hepworth, une seule forme, comme point de départ de son Archive est présentée, selon un dispositif qui regarde les images des ses oeuvres d’art comme des chorégraphies dans des contextes environementaux précis.

L’installation de Charlotte Moth, intitulée « Inserts 2015 », est constituée de 10 vitrines structurées réalisée pour les archives de la Tate dans lesquelles elles sont présentées. Elles montrent des photographies et des éphémères datés des années 1930s à 1960, prises de l’Archive de la Tate Britain comme des « Constellations pour la pensée ». Chacune relate différents éléments de placement et de développent du travail de BarbaraHepworth. Les images des oeuvres de Ben Nicholson, Simon Nicholson, Naum Gabo, Alexander Calder et d’autres artistes sont également présentées.

Parralèlement un nouveau film de Charlotte Moth est aussi projeté qui explore le champs de vision et d’exploration que les images de cette archive lui renvoie.

Inga Fraser, curator

Avec les remerciements particuliers à Mr Nelson Woo; the Pavillon NeuflizeOBC, Palais de Tokyo; Goldsmiths University of London et notre association

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