Corinne Silva, The Score (You and I both know)

February 7, 2023
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The Score (You and I Both Know)


Corinne Silva draws on years of research and practice in Bosnia and Herzegovina to present this new series of works exploring the consequences of the Bosnian War on bodies, landscapes and memory, as well as the remarkable resilience and solidarity of those affected.


Through an installation of photographs and sound The Score (You and I Both Know) transports viewers to the siege of Sarajevo and the embodied, material and auditory cartography of violence. The deeply resonant exhibition is testimony to injury and resistance in the face of the deliberate targeting of civilian populations in time of war, capturing the scenes and sounds of lived experience during conflict and its aftermath.


Silva’s primary focus is a row of linden trees along the River Miljacka that mark Sarajevo’s former frontline; the only trees that remained in the city after the siege as their location was too dangerous for anyone to risk falling them. As well as being witnesses to the conflict, these trees were also active participants, forming a living shield to sniper fire. Today, their role is immortalised in their trunks and branches which bear the scars of the war. The works are complemented by a haunting voice singing a former Yugoslavian partisan song celebrating the forest as a place of safety.  


I love to work with artists and working with Corinne Silva has been a pleasure because she has this unique capacity to make us look through the superficies of things, by inviting us to observe the bark of the trees, not only as a metaphor of what people have endured but a way to go beyond our eventual capacity to speak about war.

Thank you, Corinne, for inviting us to feel these wounds with our own bodies, facing them instead hiding behind. Rhythm is always here with CorinneSilva who is bringing us into another landscape of sound, the one of the forests along its song. It is also an invite to enlight our imagination and to be more receptive to what we hear, thank you.

 I would like to thank Vivienne Jabri with whom I have the pleasure to collaborate since 2015 and War studies department of King’s college University, as much as Culture King’s, and specially Alisson Duthie, Leanne Hammacot, Jocelyn Cheek and Georgina and Martin for his great help. Thank you also to Emma and Lauren for their communication and support.

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Finally, The Score (You and I Both Know) is supported by the Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation, I-Portinus EU mobility for artists, London college of communication and UAL

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